Perfect Dreams; Imperfectly Dreamt.

I dream recklessly. Awake and asleep. Last night friends and friends that are no longer were in my head. I dreamed of a friend's love, her elven form dancing among the trees, her song bringing the forest to life. But it was an aching tragic tale, I knew it as I saw the magic swirl [...]


Against Perfection

Is there somewhere you want to go? Somewhere you want to escape to.. or from? Does your heart ache for something perfect? It doesn't exist. But, I can imagine it does, in certain places. I wandered a strange new land.. somewhere where imagination is the sculptor. Amazing, strange.. beautiful things to see. Dreams of some [...]


You'd think winter in the Garden would be slow. This is a Fae Garden. It's never slow. There is no off season for Perfection. I wish I enjoyed the Perfection, that I wasn't always looking for beauty that is against Perfection. But, I don't think I'll ever stop. Perfection makes me weary. Today I DID [...]

Hidden Serenity

Is Perfection really what we should strive for? Is there any fun in Perfection? Or is it just work? I wondered, as I weeded, watered, inspected and helped the flowers grow in the Garden this early morning. Seems there's no fun in it to me... all perfection and awards in the world can't make you [...]

The Forest

Imperfect perfection. Perhaps I seek that? Myst stopped by the Garden today with a gift and a few words of caution for me. Of course, you don't know her and probably never will. She says her words are "lost". I don't understand that, but it's what she says. Anyway, seems she's been following my adventure. [...]


I'm new to this. Not to avoiding boring things, but new to writing about avoiding things. I've always found there's more interesting things out there than work, or listening to people tell me I should work. Oh, but you don't know me. I'm Sinala. To be sure I don't really know myself... I'm still discovering [...]