The Forest

Imperfect perfection. Perhaps I seek that?

Myst stopped by the Garden today with a gift and a few words of caution for me. Of course, you don’t know her and probably never will. She says her words are “lost”. I don’t understand that, but it’s what she says. Anyway, seems she’s been following my adventure. Not only did she disapprove of my sneaking away but she expressed concern that I might be in danger of trying to copy the Power of Awenia’s own blog. She’s awfully fond of the Queen and may be a bit protective.

As if, though.

Like I could tell a story or create images like those in Three Twisted Knots, the official blog of the Magic behind Awenia. Okay, I did attempt to reflect it a tad. But as I explained to Myst, it’s because when you read the words and visit the land the magics are combined and it creates this whole new Power. Since I was writing about Awenia, I wanted to give a glimpse of that, but never would I try to copy it. Might as well try to capture the moon! Myst arched an eyebrow, and said I need to “just be myself” but I think she understood. After all she knows the magics that are Awenia and Three Twisted Knots.

Seriously, if you can’t visit Awenia Three Twisted Knots is as beautiful. But both together are Magic.

Honestly Myst annoys me sometimes, I feel like she’s just indulging me. But she brought me a pretty new tunic dress from Senzafine, and well.. it was perfect for sneaking off to The Forest part of Awenia in! So once my chore of keeping the perfect Garden looking Perfect, I did.


The first sound I heard were the cries of gulls on the shore landing, the first thing I saw was The Tree. It dominated my vision, I only caught glimpses of the forest beyond. It’s roots formed a tunnel that dramatically introduces you to The Forest.

Why would you ever want to leave?

You could literally get lost in here, and never regret it! The first thing I stumbled upon was a pond, hidden among the underbrush. A lovely spot, in the clear water I could tell there were beautiful aquatic plants growing beneath the depths.  I lounged on the banks there in this peaceful afternoon for a time, relaxing my feet in the cool water and watching the light and shadows dance to the frogs serenading us from near by.


Regretfully I finally left that small body of water and wandered further into the trees. Of course there were more than trees though! Flowers, bushes, undergrowth of all kinds blanket small clearings and mix together among the roots of the larger trees. The flowers though, caught my attention more than anything. Allowed to grow wild, they were not forced into beds or rows. They were allowed to be imperfect! I stood among them and wondered. I’d love to allow the Garden to grow a little wild. There is beauty in weeds even, if you know where to look! Thistles are lovely when they bloom. But never would I be allowed to cultivate any!

Sometimes I feel like maybe I am a weed.

forest 3

There were animals too… I caught glimpses and sounds from birds, squirrels, chipmunks and there may have been an elusive deer or two. I swear I saw a couple of wolves at one point, but they slipped away before I got a good look. I must remember to tell Myst about them, she identifies with them on some level. She’d appreciate wolves were allowed in Awenia!

Eventually I skipped out of the trees into a clearing with a sleepy, quaint caravan camped around a still smoking cooking area. It was deserted at the moment, but maybe I just missed someone? Where could they have gone? Was this a home base of sorts for the residents? Maybe it was a spot for refreshing travelers as they passed through The Forest. I definitely took advantage of making myself a snack!


forest 4

Nearby I noticed a cave concealed by a beaded curtain, and decided I wanted to see what was beyond it. I found the cavern a little out of this world! It was beautiful, welcoming and full of Magic. Crystals dangled from the ceiling, a crystal ball sat on a table waiting to foretell wonderful,but maybe a little frightening tidings, rugs and cushions were strewn about, looking comfortable and inviting and tapestries of amazing colors and patterns adorned the walls. I could see this was a place of gathering, for an interchange of ideas, thoughts and philosophies.

forest 5

I wandered around The Forest for a while longer, as long as I dared and discovered Magic in every corner, a grotto where magic literally swirled up from a well and rained down sparkles of color all around me.

forest 6

I was immersed in the Magic of Awenia at every turn, every little discovery. I know I didn’t see the entire Forest, I knew I had more to discover, but I couldn’t lose track of time this visit, I had to return to the Garden before I was missed.

If only I could stay forever!

The Forest felt perfect. I don’t mean perfect the way the Garden is to be perfect with lopsided petals swooped upon and removed from a rose.. I mean perfect in the Magic, the way it was allowed to grow, allowed to be itself. Perfectly Imperfect.

forest 7.png

Perhaps Fae should be allowed to, too.

Awenia. Go visit the Magic.

Awenia – The Forest NOW OPEN!

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