I’m new to this.

Not to avoiding boring things, but new to writing about avoiding things. I’ve always found there’s more interesting things out there than work, or listening to people tell me I should work.

Oh, but you don’t know me. I’m Sinala.


To be sure I don’t really know myself… I’m still discovering who I am. I’m a young fae, but I feel old. Old and tired of the rut my family is in, my world is comprised of. All I hear is “Take care of the flowers, Sinala, that’s what we’re here for, blah blah blah” “Pay attention Sinala, everything has to be perfect.. blah blah blah.” I’m here for so much more. Maybe I’m against perfection, maybe there’s something so much interesting in the unusual, the imperfect. Maybe I want to see the world and not be tied down my entire life to one aggravatingly PERFECT garden. Maybe there’s more magic out there to see.

So, when I hear Awenia is open for the month of December.. how could I resist a visit?


The name alone sounds like magic. I heard it was winter in Faerie, the place I would land, so I dressed in one of my favorite coats, held my breath in anticipation and took the teleport.

Immediately I was struck by the buildings I landed near, then I was struck by the welcome package the Magic of Awenia threw at me. I decided to riffle through my enthusiastic welcome on the bridge near by.. water is a dear friend to me.

On the bridge

Other LMs for Awenia, information, points of interest as well as ways to meet other visitors or residents was included in my welcome. But, at the moment Awenia was mine and mine alone. I was okay with this. I heard that the regulars and residents of Awenia were kind and welcoming.

But, I am shy and I preferred my first hesitant visit to be quiet.

Anyway, after I browsed my welcome information, I decided to explore a little more. The buildings, bridge and square I landed in were reminiscent of London. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard it’s lovely. Awenia managed to capture the nostalgia and quaintness of an old London quarter. At least to me it did.

As my eyes roved across the world around me, I spotted an island a little into the distance. A short walk over a brick walkway near gracefully swimming swans and I discovered a skating rink flanked by magical trees that glowed softly. Perfect for a leisurely skate in the twilight. I tire quickly, fortunately there was a bench near by where I could star gaze in the glow of those magical trees.


It’s hard to rest for a long time here. There’s just so much to see.

Before to long I was drawn back to London. I crossed the bridge where I perused my introduction to Awenia and made my way into the city (stopping only briefly to play on the piano walk way out side a shop). The Power behind Awenia had decorated beautifully for the winter and I enjoyed the soft drifts of snow scattered around. Then, in the center I found what called me. A carousel. Not a creepy one, but one that spoke to the darker side of me. Okay, maybe some would call it creepy. It was beautiful and I picked out my favorite horse (even though they are all the same) and named him Vash The Stampede.

If I ever befriended a horse, that’s what I would call him.


I spent some time with Vash, because you know, he gets me, but soon I caught the scent of paper and ink and as usual, I was curious. I moved out of the square, through back alleys with stalls, ready for merchant’s wares and across another bricked path and there it was.


But not just any boring library, or collection… this was a FOREST of books. I don’t know what the Power calls this, but it was heaven. Books as a path wound around, snake-like by little cottages, reading nooks, trees of all shapes and sizes and stacks and stacks of books. Reading is one of my favorite ways to avoid The Boring as I call it.. so I was lost here. Beneath a huge, comforting tree near a swirling vortex of books I found a spot to lose myself in the Magic of a story for a long while.


I do not know how long I stayed there…

I was entrapped in the magic of that place and that tale. Really, the next thing I knew a new day had dawned and the soft bleating of hungry animals reached my ears. Since animals are another love of mine I went to see if there were a way for me to help around Awenia (Okay, it was technically work, but animals need to be fed!) Beneath the gaze of a huge tower, where I imagined the Power watching me care for Her animals, I found a little paddock stocked with hay and grain for the sheep, oxen and goats that immediately surrounded me. I petted their soft, thick winter fur covered heads while they nuzzled my pockets for treats. I promised them that next time I would bring carrots.


For now, the sun was rising, and I’d be in trouble.

I’d been out all night and without a doubt I was in for a tongue lashing at the very least. Before I was subjected to The Boring. With a sigh I realized I’d only explored one small part of Awenia. I’d have to come back very soon if I were to experience all the Magic.

Maybe I’ll stay forever.

That would be Magic.

Awenia Faerie – Open only a short time! GO GO!


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