Hidden Serenity

Is Perfection really what we should strive for?

Is there any fun in Perfection? Or is it just work? I wondered, as I weeded, watered, inspected and helped the flowers grow in the Garden this early morning. Seems there’s no fun in it to me… all perfection and awards in the world can’t make you happy. Can they?

Seems this life is meaningless.

Today I had an errand to run to Myst, so I couldn’t visit Awenia. But, Hidden Serenity is as much fun to me! Perhaps anywhere where things don’t have to be Perfect. That word wears on me.

It had been a while since I visited Hidden Serenity. Jaxx and Cara, the Powers behind Serenity had been BUSY! Winter had officially landed and I was glad I wore my coat again. Oh, yeah, they’re also very big Firefly fans, in case that wasn’t obvious by the name of their sim.

The landing point is filled with silly reign deer, elves, trees snow and of course mermaids! The residents of Serenity are fond of water and the creatures in them. Mermaids, fish, dolphins, whales, seals.. you name it they love them. Myst in particular is fond of sharks. I think she wants to bite people. They only thing that was a bit on the annoying side was a small snowman that bounced around throwing snowballs at you. I couldn’t help but notice he was called “Myst’s Snowman”. Typical.

serenity 1

Speaking of, I found Myst in her shop, doing who knows what. I think she was working on setting up a new cloak for sale. She seems to work a lot and not really know what “fun” means. She always laughs and says “Life is hilariously cruel” when I say that. As usual, I am not sure what she means…

Anyway, I gave her what my family had sent and that at least brought a smile to her face. I don’t know what it was, probably the perfect gift. I left Myst to her fun or work… whatever she was up to and slipped away to explore the winter wonderland Serenity had become for a little bit. I was in no hurry to get home, that’s for sure. I didn’t spend long in Mishmash Fusion, Myst has a thing for creepy statues and irony, so it was a little weird in there.

serenity 2

Back at the main landing point I noticed a spinning arrow pointing down to a rocky hole that said “Racetrack and Mini Golf”. Now that sounds like fun, but I wanted to explore the lake first. The lake is frozen for winter, so you can ice skate all over! I will bring my skates next time for sure. I braved sneaking past Myst’s mean little snowman again, near Bound Infinity, a small open collar hub with some very pretty collars, many of them free! I know a couple of people who wear BI collars and love them.

Serenity 3

Next was =EC Designs= Jaxx and Cara’s shop. They were all decked out for winter too! I love what they make. Houses, dungeons, furniture.. Several things are even Fae influenced and I’ve used them in the Garden. However, my favorite thing is the cuddle raft. No better way to spend the day drifting lazily on a lake on the cuddle raft.

Uhoh looks like Santa had an accident…

sereity 4

But that’s none of my business! I skipped on to Moonlight Serenade, a spacious ballroom and lounge for all the romance you could wish for. There are Teardrop Louges for cuddling and relaxing, dance machines and the atmosphere makes you feel you’re dancing among the stars! Moonlight Serenade also accommodates Dominates and their submissives! there are Heart Key Leash Posts,  and Teardrop Stools  in which the Dominate can control how their submissive sits or kneels. I am not familiar with D/s but I remember Myst being VERY excited about those. Incidentally, all of the furniture is made by =EC Designs= and other versions of the Tear Drop Lounges and Stools are available in their store. There are three levels to this ballroom.. and you can even enjoy the roof top under the real stars. Oh! I should mention =EC Designs= also made ALL the buildings in the City! They do lovely work and take custom jobs too! I know Myst loves the one she uses for her shop.

serenity 4

If I were into romance I would want to spend time in Moonlight Serenade.

Next to the ballroom is a club! Perfect for getting your party on! Club Serenity is bright and inviting, it even has a glass floor for watching the fish and occasional mermaid! I know  there are sets Thursday evenings 8-10 right now, with the possibility of a impromptu now and then. Addie, the manager has it decorated for the holidays in her club’s color theme. Unfortunately, no pressies for Sinala.

serenity 5

I took a short cross across the frozen lake to the South East corner. On a small island there are chairs made out of stone hands! That was pretty interesting, and looked to be an almost spiritual place, but what had my attention was the building beyond. If you can call it a building. Rising out of the ice was a huge, magnificent purple tree, enveloped by a structure that resembled a lotus flower.

I mean, could anything else be more Fae?


Inside there was a magical serenity firebowl that burned beautifully green at the bast of that massive tree, plenty of seating and pretty Hammock Chairs (by =EC Designs= of course!) and most importantly Memorials that I recognized from past Fantasy Faires, to quote one “For those we lost will never fade in our hearts.”

What a beautiful place for reflecting on love, life and memories.

serenity 6

After lingering there a few minutes, paying my respects, I wandered to the second “square” in Serenity. It’s full cafe tables and little carts where you can get a cup of the official beverage of Serenity- coffee and of course, mermaids! Near by you’ll find the Holotarium. What is that you ask?

It’s the place the planets live.

In hologram form! The entire Milky Way is here. The Sun, it’s planets, including Pluto, thank you very much, the Earth’s moon and even an asteroid! All flickering in the darkness. A perfect place to hang out and maybe try to pinpoint where you are in this galaxy.

serenity 7

Further down, directly behind Mishmash Fusion is a little photo studio, that’s open for any one to use! I remember making profile pictures there, there’s tons of poses and backgrounds to choose from. Down a ways away from the rest of the City is Jaxx’s Boathouse. It’s kinda his escape sometimes I think, and of course he’s put lots of nautical themed decor and cuddle furniture in.


AND right out in front of it, not entirely frozen in the ice- my favorite =EC Designs= thing.

The Cuddle Raft!

serenity 8

I came around Mishmash Fusion by skating across the ice in my bare feets to the docks, where Fawns logs are for sale! Fawns are one of the several breedables in Second Life, but they don’t need food. Cara and Myst like them.

Near the docks I found a surprise! A Holiday themed mini golf course! This one uses a hud to play, but it was fun. The course was cute and some of the holes were more challenging than others! There’s also a little building to get hot cocoa from and a crazy mini gold cart you can drive around the ice! I think this was all from a gacha set by Mad Pea.

Serenity 9

I’d finally circled all around the city and found myself back at the landing point and the rabbit hole I still wasn’t sure I should take… but who can resist promises of a race track and more mini golf!

I took the leap and climbed down the hole. Very narrowly escaping another pelting by Myst’s snowman.

I landed underwater on the racetrack’s pit area, the entire area is comprised of glass and you can clearly see the wreckage of a bi-plane through the huge windows. The track itself resembles a path of large glass hamster tubes, which made me giggle because of of the vehicle you can race is in fact.. a hamster ball!

I grabbed one and took a trip around the track, my steering skills sending my hamster ball pinging around corners and off the glass walls. I’m pretty glad Jaxx made this of sturdy material…

Serenity 10

Hopefully I didn’t crack anything…

Then I went looking for the mini golf course. It’s entrance is just off the pit area at the finish line of the track. On this 9 hole permanent course you get to actually hold a club and smack your little ball ALL over the place! I had to laugh at watching that ball go everywhere.. I can imagine if there were a group down here, the hilarity would be multiplied.

serenity 11

Of course the one with the flowers was my favorite!

I honestly didn’t realize how much there was to do at Hidden Serenity.. No wonder Myst hardly leaves. Jaxx and Cara have created their own little magical place. And I noticed things didn’t have to be perfect to be fun, attractive and beautiful. I’d have liked to have stayed longer, but it was late and Myst reminded me things needed doing at the Garden.

I wondered if she’d been watching me the WHOLE time.

Sigh. Sometimes being young is hard. You’re always expected to be Perfect. I said as much to Myst and I think she’s still laughing. Not sure she gets me.


Hidden Serenity


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