Against Perfection


Is there somewhere you want to go? Somewhere you want to escape to.. or from? Does your heart ache for something perfect?

It doesn’t exist.

But, I can imagine it does, in certain places. I wandered a strange new land.. somewhere where imagination is the sculptor. Amazing, strange.. beautiful things to see. Dreams of some fantastic mind come to life. A vision of perfection.. but not perfect.

Perfection is boring. It’s too perfect. There’s a standard for perfection. A “perfect” rose is beautiful and people fawn over them. The rose can be a person, but there are no perfect people. The lopsided rose, the one missing a petal, the one with the less than perfect shade of color.. can it be as beautiful? Of course.

I want to find the perfection in imperfection.

What does that mean? I suppose it would mean something different to different minds. Some may dismiss this as contradiction or nonsense. I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure it out.

Against Perfection isn’t a matter of hating something “perfect”, no… it is a way of releasing myself, others, the world, from trying to live up to something we can never achieve. My words.. my photographs.. my art.. my mind… my body. I long for them to be perfection. They never are, nor will be. There’s truth in how hard we are on ourselves, so much more than others are. Like everything else, it’s not perfect.. but I try to remember it doesn’t have to be.

Someday I’ll believe it


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