You’d think winter in the Garden would be slow.

This is a Fae Garden. It’s never slow. There is no off season for Perfection. I wish I enjoyed the Perfection, that I wasn’t always looking for beauty that is against Perfection. But, I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Perfection makes me weary.

Today I DID get to escape to Awenia again though! I was given an errand to Gwyneth.. the Queen! I dressed up for the occasion. It’s not often I get to, keeping the Perfect Garden perfect is dirty work! I mean okay, magic helps you stay clean, but can you really see me working in a gown? My family believes that it’s better to work hard along with the magic, and that means digging in the dirt.

Anyway, I chose a beautiful gown from Caverna Obscura, did my hair and makeup and skipped off to The Haven part of Awenia… The Queen’s own homestead. It’s usually private, but she has it open to the public along with the rest of Awenia! But, of course, we’re to be respectful of her generosity.

As soon as you land you know you’re in her dream.

Haven 1

And not just because of the sign.  Haven may be the most beautiful place in Awenia. And that’s saying something.. ALL of Awenia is beautiful. In this small place, you feel the source of Awenia’s Magic.

The Queen wasn’t home, which, I admit was a little of a let down, I have so wanted to meet her… but I was so nervous I probably would have been tongue-tied and silly. I left what I had for her near her door, of course I was not going to go inside with out her permission! I could have, but can you imagine? Not even a little bit! I did admire her home and the porch I can imagine living there is Magic!

Haven 2

So.. since the Queen was away, I decided to explore a little more. Surely, that would be alright, and I saw several things that caught my attention; benches, trees, bridges, boats, buildings and.. a dance floor out in the middle of the water!

It’s been a while since I went dancing!

I decided to leave the dance floor for last, anticipation and all that!

Haven 3

First I came to a bench nestled under some huge mushrooms. I’d never seen such pretty mushrooms before, with strings of lights, sending their soft glow over the water. Such a beautiful spot to relax! Soon, I wanted to explore the buildings. The first one, across a bridge to the left of the mushrooms, was full of the Queen’s own artistic photographs. And you can BUY them! I confess there were many that tempted me, she does such lovely photography.. and I got a couple as a gift for Myst.

Haven 4

After enjoying the gallery, I lingered on the bridge over the water. Have I mentioned I love water?I really do, there is water in the Garden, but it too is… Perfect. It’s controlled, small streams, ponds, fountains… all water features and Perfectly Perfect. Awenia’s water seems happy to me, not restricted. It can flow how it wishes.

It’s Magic.

Haven 5

The other building besides the Gallery and the Queen’s home was an open, airy pavilion. Compete with a balcony a fire place and some of the most comfortable furniture I have ever napped in.

Haven 9

However, right next to the pavilion is one of the most wonderful things ever.

Just off the shore, a small boat constructed out of some giant tree’s leaf, floats, reflected serenely on Haven’s lake. If I were looking for perfection, this would almost be what I would say it is. As it is, it’s the perfect place to dream your own dreams… withing this Dream Awenia is.

I could stay here forever!

Haven 6

And then you have the dance floor! It’s nearly invisible.. just a glowing circle out on the water, reached by an equally nearly invisible path from the land. You dance amidst gently falling, magical fairy dust! You’re nearly dancing on the water. You can feel the romance of this place.. the Magic.

Haven 7

Haven is really one of the most amazing spots in all of Awenia. If you visit ONE spot. I suggest this one. It’s not large and it’s a rare glimpse into Gwyneth’s home, her dream.

The Queen’s Dream is Magic, one you will want to dance in forever.

Haven 8

For now though, I must get back to the Garden, I’ve been away too long again…

I am not sure how long Awenia will be open so GO, while you still can.

Awenia – Haven



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