Perfect Dreams; Imperfectly Dreamt.

I dream recklessly. Awake and asleep.

Last night friends and friends that are no longer were in my head. I dreamed of a friend’s love, her elven form dancing among the trees, her song bringing the forest to life. But it was an aching tragic tale, I knew it as I saw the magic swirl around her, she followed a trail of glowing feathers he left for her. I saw as some unnamed, undisclosed power decided they could not be together and I watched the anguish in his eyes as he asked me to use what magic I had to hide the place she and I resided. I saw her stricken face as I mouthed how sorry I was before covering the world with thorns, thistles and angry weeds.

Then.. I was laughing, in another place, another time with a friend that is no longer around, but her ghost visits me still. Inside jokes and favorite quotes- we laughed like we had never lived. A fuzzy haze, blocking the sun and bouncing the light into my eyes, blinding and painful. I blink several times and a darkness falls, as if my vision fades, the scene melting into a pool of ink. It stains my hands and my clothes, and I can feel it corroding my skin.

Every imperfect thing is perfect; Perfectly okay.

Relationships, people, dreams – live and die, grow and fade. Perfection is in the way we care, when we care. Perfection is in the love, the friendships we have… as we have them.

I always think about the what ifs, and worry about what comes after the love and the laughter. Imperfect in my own happiness. Sometimes my imperfection becomes a perfect storm and things crumble. But… what happens after the magic, after the vision fades doesn’t matter.

Love perfectly, ignoring imperfection. While you can.

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